Azure Stack

brought by BinBox

Azure Stack

brought by BinBox



Choose from more than 3,000 services delivered by Microsoft and partners, many of them at no charge. Open source applications, frameworks, and templates, single and multiple virtual machine images. When you combine these with Azure services, you can create powerful solutions on your own faster and with less effort—for any device and any cloud.


Apply Azure web and mobile services, containers, serverless computing, and microservices architectures to update and extend your legacy applications with Azure Stack, while using a consistent DevOps process in both cloud and on-premises deployments. Across mainframe and core business process applications, use Azure Stack for a hybrid cloud environment.


Comprehensive deep learning, machine learning as a service. Azure offers a comprehensive set of flexible AI services for any scenario and enterprise-grade AI infrastructure that runs AI workloads anywhere at scale. Modern AI tools designed for developers and data scientists help you create AI solutions easily, with maximum productivity.

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Azure Stack - The most powerful
hybrid cloud platform!

You can do anything for a cost, but can you do everything cost-effectively?



  • Not all applications can run in the public cloud due to governance and security policies
  • 74% of CFOs estimate that cloud computing will have the biggest significant impact on their business
  • APIs are enabling persona-based user experiences in a diverse base of cloud enterprise
  • By 2020, 60–70% of all Software, Services, and Technology Spending will be Cloud based
  • Clients are looking for a comprehensive Hybrid IT cloud solution to meet these challenges
  • Possibility to choose from a big pool of resources so you can scale in a cost effective manner
  • Hybrid platform that allows you to host and develop fully GDPR compliant applications
  • Ability to deliver business innovation, to increase revenues, margins and new products
  • Migrating applications, integrating technology and managing the transition to Azure are each a big challenge
  • Most companies are looking for support to build a business model based on cloud technology
  • Driving innovation and Future-Proofing IT
  • Develop applications in Azure with flexibility to deploy on premises with Azure Stack
  • Be able to adapt and change direction quickly
  • Assure business continuity by adopting a hybrid cloud model
  • Maximize developer productivity